Why join the PTA?

Mata Montessori Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) is a non-profit, volunteer organization made up of parents, teachers, and community members committed to enhancing the educational experience for all children at Mata Montessori School.

Joining the PTA is a great way to connect with and support the Mata Montessori school community. Funds raised by the Mata PTA directly impact our students and school by providing supplies, equipment, and school programs not covered by DISD funding.

Mata PTA is a nonprofit organization focused on improving the education, opportunities, and welfare of Mata Montessori students through facilitating engagement and cooperation among parents, teachers, and the community.

Past Programs made possible by Mata PTA Memberships

Where does my money go?

Straight to Mata
State Dues
National Dues

Become a member for just $10

Any parents, students, teachers, staff or community members can join at any general PTA meeting or online. You may also pick up a form in the front office and drop it off with your cash/check in the office PTA box.

PTA Membership FAQs

Membership is only $10 per year. $5.50 goes directly back to Mata, and the national and state PTA receive $2.25 each. Forms are in the office (cash or check only), or join with a credit card online.

Membership runs from August 1-July 31.

No, but the PTA meetings are the best way to stay informed about what is going on at the school. You receive updates not only from the PTA, but also from the principal and SBDM (site based decision making).

Yes. A translator is available at all PTA meetings.

All memberships are only good for one campus. You have to join each school’s PTA individually.

Not only are you supporting Mata through your membership dues; you also have a voice and a vote at all the PTA meetings.

PTA members may receive discounts from several of Texas PTA’s preferred partners. Find out more at the Texas PTA website https://www.txpta.org/member-perks. 

No. All you have to be is someone who cares about the future of our children. You can be a grandparent, aunt/uncle, friend, neighbor, teacher, Mata staff, or even community member.